​Dedicated to the life, memory and mission of Matthew Glenn Wedekind

Providing help and support for families
​with a child suffering with addiction


On May 23, 2015, everything in my life changed.  My son, Matthew, died after falling out of a chair and hitting his head at the exact spot of a previous head injury.  Matthew was a drug addict in the midst of recovery, and while there were cocaine and heroin in his bloodstream at the time of his death, the coroner did not feel it was the cause of his death, classifying it as an accidental death due to head injury.  

On more than one occasion, Matthew told me that he was not going to live to be an old man, that he was going to die young.  He said this to me several times, including the night before he died, when Matthew said something very strange to me.  He said, "so dad, I now know why I am going to die early... my death is necessary for you to accomplish a very special purpose in your life that God has for you, and you will only be able to accomplish it after I die.  If I continue living you will not be able to accomplish God's purpose in your life."  Hours later, he was dead.  The next morning I was the one who found him and I did not understand what God's "will" completely was.  I understand it now.   

Matthew's death has had an amazing positive spiritual impact on many people.  I now know what my God given mission is.  My God given mission is to reach out with my experiences, and with the knowledge of God's grace and mercy that I have, and help other people like myself to help other parents and brothers and sisters and grandparents and aunts and uncles learn how to understand and how to deal with the death of their sons and daughters.  My mission is to help everyone who will listen to understand God's wonderful grace and His mercy.   I feel that God has chosen me to try to go out and help these young people, and to help the parents who have lost their young people .  

Larry Wedekind